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- Keepin' it Cool Since '72...

ETR Service, LTD is a manufacturing company specializing in the design and fabrication of heat exchangers and associated components for industrial applications
ETR Service, LTD is an ASME Code shop; Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section VIII, DIvision I holding a U stamp for fabrication and an R stamp for redesign of existing heat exchangers and pressure vessels
ETR Service, LTD a division of East Texas Radiator, has been building and servicing exchangers and associated components since 1972
ETR Service, LTD offers a variety of exchanger and vessel configurations customized to meet the demands of any application and all environmental challenges
ETR Service, LTD delivers a performance guarantee with every product, along with unmatched customer service
We are dedicated to producing the highest quality product, engineered and designed to any specifications or requirements
Every employee of ETR Service, LTD is truly committed to excellence and this can be witnessed in every aspect of our daily business
The management team of ETR Service, LTD and our long-term, partnership-like relationships that we have established with our vendors, enables us to provide you with the highest quality product and the best lead-time in the industry
We are dedicated to our customers, and to each other, with a strong focus on safety and quality as our primary missions